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Our Product can be returned if the product was damaged when it was delivered.

1. Product Damage (not visible from outside packaging) : All product damage must be 

    reported within 48 hours, or (2) days from receipt of material. Customer is not to stain, 

    prep, or modify damaged product whatsoever; any modification made to a damaged 

    item will render a claim null and void.

2. Freight Damage and Handling: Any package, crate, pallet, or parcel that is visibly 
    damaged, or the contents within appear to be damaged in freight must be marked on the 

    bill of landing at the time the material is received and delivery from carrier is to be refused.

3. All prehung/prefinish units &custom orders are non refundable/non changeable once they have been proceed.

     All other cancelled orders subject to 25% restocking fee

"No Warranty for damage due to Heat,Sun ,Water or Chemical Exposure .All doors require proper overhang to protect product."


Background only applies for Boxed Layout